MFD Receives Eight Thermal Imaging Cameras

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New Berlin, WI: Paul J. Conway, founder of Paul Conway Shields (Assistant Chief, MFD-retired) donates eight Seek RevealPRO thermal imaging cameras to the MFD’s Rescue 1 and Rescue 2. After learning that Fire Lieutenant Thomas McMenamin from MFD Rescue 2 (Paul's Heavy Equipment Operator when he was working for the MFD), fell off a second floor stairwell that had no railing during a search in an apartment building, Paul wanted to help better equip the department in a way that could help prevent these types of incidents. One of the greatest beliefs that Paul and his staff have is that firefighters should have the best equipment possible to protect them from what seeks to destroy them.

A few months ago, Paul Conway Shield’s Fire Division provided the Indianapolis FD (IFD) with a Seek RevealPRO demo unit. The department was able to utilize this thermal imaging camera during a residence fire where two victims were reported trapped. IFD Engine Company 11 assisted with the first victim, then went back into the heavily smoke-filled residence using the Seek RevealPro and quickly located a second trapped and unconscious victim, successfully pulling that victim to safety. Engine companies on the IFD at this time do not carry thermal imaging cameras; however, by using one on that day, the demo unit made the difference in a timely and successful rescue.

Knowing that this camera was put to the test and helped save lives, Paul wanted to start an initiative to help his fellow brethren, therein selecting the MFD to be among the first to receive a donation of these cameras. For a small investment ($700/unit) for a Seek RevealPRO, firefighters can put one on their breathing apparatus to help keep themselves out of trouble, and rapidly locate a downed firefighter or a trapped civilian.

About the Seek RevealPRO: The Seek RevealPRO is the first personal thermal imager on the market that is designed to withstand the rigors of interior firefighting and the most hostile industrial environments. It features high resolution imagery, 1,800 feet of range, nine distinct color pallets, has a -40 to +626 degrees Fahrenheit detection range, works day or night, and will take up to 4,000 digital photos. It even has a 300 lumen flashlight, and the screen is made of non-reflective Gorilla Glass designed to withstand intense heat and water.

About Paul Conway Fire: Paul Conway Fire is a division of Paul Conway Shields, a family owned business with proven performance since 1985. Firefighting heritage runs deep within this organization, spanning three generations, with founder Paul J. Conway (retired Chief of Operations - Milwaukee, WI Fire Dept.) as President. Acknowledging the growing need to provide equipment, gear, and services that other first responders and the community can rely on, the company has expanded beyond the Fire industry to also include Law, Safety and Custom Shop divisions.